Frequently Asked Questions for Tutors

  • Can anyone become a tutor at DopiSAT?

    To become a tutor, you should be over 18 and have professional teaching skills.

  • How can I become a tutor?

    Check out our "Become a Tutor" section and fill in your information. Then we will contact you via e-mail.

  • How can I earn money at DopiSAT?

    By tutoring online and solving students’ questions.

  • How does the application process work?

    Once we have received your application, you will be asked to record your own demo video to show us your teaching methods and skills. Once it's done you can start tutoring.

  • What are the benefits of online tutoring?

    You can tutor anytime, anywhere when earning for every tutoring you've completed.

  • How can a student start a session with me?

    Students can find available tutors and if there is a match with an available tutor the session starts. You need to make sure that you have started your search, otherwise students will not be able to start session with you.

  • What if I don’t speak North American English? Can I still become a tutor?

    That's fine, as in any session or solution video, feel free to teach your students.

  • Can I tutor from my phone or tablet?

    Unfortunately, not right now. You can only tutor via your laptop or computer for now. We are currently working for you to be able to tutor from mobile devices. As soon as it is possible to do it, we will keep you updated!

  • Will I be working with kids or adults?

    Because we teach for the SAT, our students would be mainly in high school students or high school graduates. You can expect students to be adults or teenagers.

  • Can I log into DopiSAT as a student?

    You can't log in as a student with your tutor account. Only if you register with a student account you can log in as a student.

  • How do I access the DopiSAT platform?

    Login to DopiSAT from your laptop or PC and you are ready to go!

  • Do I have to put up a profile photo?

    You have an obligation to put an up-to-date photo on your profile. Please make sure that your face is clearly visible in your photo and the background is simple.

  • Is it a problem to work in a different place?

    Just because you work in a different place doesn't stop you from teaching in DopiSAT.

  • Where and when will I meet the students?

    It is possible to conduct your sessions with students in any environment suitable for the session. For this, we have some minimum requirements such as; the area you are meeting should be quiet and there you should have a regular and simple background. You can find the further information "SESSION FRAMEWORK AND LIMITS" in your tutor guide document. In DopiSAT, you can match with students 7 days a week and make as many sessions as you want.

  • What is Solver?

    Solver is a feature of DopiSAT where you can earn per questions you solve.

  • How to use Solver feature?

    In the ‘’Question’’ section, you can browse the questions submitted by the students and answer the question you want and solve it within the time allotted to you. If you have accepted a question, you will not be able to view other questions until you submit a solution video.

  • How should I make a solution video?

    While recording your videos, you need to have a private space to hold the recording without disturbance. Otherwise, students would get distracted because of the noise.

  • How often do I need to solve questions as a tutor?

    You can solve as many questions as you want at any time; however, you must answer the accepted questions within the given time limit without any delay. Unsolved questions within the given time can damage your profile.

  • I want to update my profile information, what can I do?

    You can update your profile information "Profile" page on your account.

  • How do I get answers to my questions about the app?

    You can reach us via 'Contact Us' section on the website or through address.

  • Can I solve questions through a different tutor's account?

    It will not be accepted in any way to solve questions from a different tutor account for any reason, regardless of the degree of familiarity. The tutor accounts included in the system are only for the use of the tutor whose certificate is forwarded to us and whose expertise we are sure of. If such a transaction is detected, your tutor account will be deactivated indefinitely in the system.